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RippleFX Reviews

What a story this young lady has.. Arriving on Cape Breton Island as a single mom of 5 and rewrites her story. This latest chapter has been a good one.. She’s made many friends. Rebecca connects and showcases our world class island world wide.. Amazing… Just a beautiful soul.

Jim Dunphy
Cape Breton Island

Wayne would be excited, knowing the great job your doing for Cape Breton Island,and how much farther you expanded the viewing audience, thank you Rebecca.

Hughie MacArthur
New Waterford NS

Working with RippleFx and Rebecca has been an enlightening experience. She has brought new ideas, challenged us to think outside the traditional box we’re normally stuck in, and created effective content that drew in audiences from around the world. Given a project and a budget, Rebecca and her team can push, pull, or drag your business into new markets, using new technology, creating new customers, new fans, and new friends. Traditional values, finding common ground, and working to help everyone raise their awareness of all cultures seem to guide her in business, and life, and she can make anyone feel comfortable and at ease instantly. As she says it, “there’s only one Rebecca-Jean”

Dave Morgan
Owner of Celtic Air

Ripple FX has provided a fantastic way for Scotland and Cape Breton to share their culture and music. We have seen some extremely talented musicians on the show each week and the music that has been shared has been incredible. As well as the music and almost as important has been the sharing of tales and musical backgrounds. Rebecca has been fundamental in having the vision to create this, but also the persistence to make it work and get excellent musicians each week.

Ross McNaughton

My cousin Wayne left us way too soon…he wasn’t one to ask for help..he wanted to help others.His podcast wasn’t only his pride and joy it was an integral part of his life…a connection to all of CapeBreton .He wanted to educate,inform,share .When he talked to me on the phone he was sooooo excited that I had finally found him on Facebook…I could connect with him and CapeBreton,watch the podcasts, feel closer to my mother’s birthplace.He told me he had found someone to carry on for him …a strong lady who shared his love of CapeBreton.I will be eternally grateful to Rebecca for accepting this task…Wayne CHOSE her and that means so much♥️It was important to him. Knowing that he put his faith and trust in Rebecca and Ripplefx.tells me she must be an extraordinary person…she has proven him to be right and for that I am grateful ♥️

Julie Hodgson
Toronto Ontario

At first, I wasn’t sure if this would have the same dedication and commitment to Cape Breton as Wayne was trying to represent.
I must say , Rebecca and her team went well above and beyond after Ripple FX took the reigns after Wayne passed. Rebecca, has become somewhat of a visionary in how she wants Cape Breton Island and the rest of the world to come together through media. To have a media outlet that brings cultures, music, entertainment,and ideas together ,and the only goal is to educate, inform, enlighten or entertain is priceless in today’s world of “fake” news . Inviting other people’s ideas and platforms only enhances every fiber of what Ripple FX started out to do and it allows us/me to experience something that we may have never had a chance to.

Gordon MacDonald
Cape Breton Electoral Candidate District 1

Rebecca Jean Wall is a voice, personality and lover of all commonalities encompassing citizens from all walks of life. Driven by a passion for the truth, collaboration and desire to give everyone a voice, Rebecca has become an alternative driving force by pushing mainstream media outside of the box, thereby uniting people through voice, ideals, and visions alike.What Rebecca has done with Ripple Fx is create an alternative form of media bringing together community, global connections, collaboration, and collectivism through stories, interviews, investigative journalism to unite, inspire and inform in ways we have never seen before. A visionary, trailblazer, with a nurturing soul that resonates with every person she meets in every and all capacities. Rebecca has humbly broken the glass ceiling in media and continues to create new and innovative approaches to media on all levels.

Jennifer Meghan Farrell
Business Development Officer
Sydney NS

Like a tiny beach pebble, an idea that sits idly will lay motionless and anonymous, blended into the immensity of the shoreline panorama. It will remain there until kicked aside, or tossed about by the rolling waves. But sometimes the pebble is picked up by a human hand. And when cast with purpose into the water, that simple pebble has the opportunity to show its true value, rippling outward with several tiny waves of perfectly-formed circles. No pebble or stone can be cast into the waves or skipped along the surface without others nearby instinctively wanting to join. This same effect exists within our communities. Some of our best ideas may sit idly by, awaiting discovery or going unnoticed for far too long. It’s Ripple FX’s mission to find the people with those ideas, give them a platform to share, and to appreciate the positive ripples that result. That’s the power of community and collaboration in a digital world. That’s Ripple FX.

J. Ward

One of the good things to come from the Covid pandemic has been the use of technology to communicate and share music with the rest of the world. My name is Peter Wood and I am a composer, performer and educator of traditional music. I live in the Shetland Islands situated in the North Sea halfway between the North of Scotland and Norway. When lockdown began I started posting daily music videos playing the accordion to entertain people and bring some happiness in these uncertain times. Out of the blue Rebbeca Wall of Ripple FX contacted me to ask if I was interested in hosting a show “Sunday’s in Scotland “ a show bringing together the culture and music from both sides of the Atlantic. The show has been an incredible success i the few months we have been broadcasting with Ripple FX. Rebecca has had been influential in training us how to air a show online as well endless amounts of energy and enthusiasm. The cultural relationships, connections and global interests are growing weekly with every show, not only between Cape Breton and Scotland but world wide with participation from Scandinavia, Europe, New Zealand and Australia to name but a few. Music is an international global language with no boundaries and Ripple FX is giving us the opportunity to share it internationally from a technological sharing platform. As they say in Scotland “Lang may yer lum reek” (long may your chimney smoke). 

Peter Wood

I think what’s been started here is like a snowball on the top of a mountain causing an avalanche of response. When we started it was obvious how big this could get on the human connection side and that’s all it’s ever been for me. A way to connect even though I face personal challenges that force me to disconnect. Ripple FX TV promotes doing something uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable. It’s been a powerful ripple ever since I’ve started and an energy that is hard to put in words. I’ve learned to listen and watch instead of reactively speaking all the time. I like the way Rebecca makes me think in the way she acts I usually get the kind of wisdom Rebecca gives out by my much older wiser friends. My involvement with Ripple FX has left a positive impact on my life.
Rebecca but she’s way ahead of me on many things so it’s nice to be part of a project that began in infancy and watch it grow. If I could put an age or a life stage on this I’d say the ripple has just begun and yet culturally something changed, there’s been a shift.
Funerals are being live streamed and not once in my life have I seen a camera at a funeral unless it was a huge public figure and now we see the need in our culture and with the recent pandemic.
Ripple FX TV is new media and provides services that we need.

Andre Desjardins
Mental Health Advocate

I think society in general has been blind for the greater part of 20 years and that media have created false narratives just to sell papers or media coverage that mostly leads to negative or un-educated broadcasting. Rebecca and Ripple FX have enlightened us all with true and very important conversations that are very close to our homes. Their brilliant conversational episodes and discussions have actually meant something that is true to our region. She has managed to decrease the gap between cultures and towns from all parts of Nova Scotia and the rest of the world. I really admire her courage and strength to take on such a task as some of the discussions might not be too pleasing for some, but definitely need to be discussed. Ripple FX is leading the way on how respectable journalism can actually be achieved from the comforts of home. This program doesn’t have hidden agenda’s that is beneficial for certain people but brings all races together in a much more respectable human state that people find comfort in. Thank you so much Rebecca for letting me be a part of your circle and for bringing our Mi’kmaq Culture and beliefs to the World!

Allison Bernard
Eskasoni First Nation